We pride ourselves in cooking everything fresh!!

Our passion and beliefs reflect in our menus. We aim to give you a relaxing experience with an Italian twist!

Below is a sample copy of our Autumn Menu, as a fresh food restaurant some items on the menu are subject to change, so if you require anything specific please check in advance

(HC) healthy choice – (GF) Gluten free – (DF) dairy free – (V) Vegetarian 

Breads & Nibbles 

Feli’s artisan tear ’n’ share loaf walnut and date, olive tapenade & rocket, white; olive oil and balsamic £5.95 

Baked camembert our way, with garlic, rosemary and white wine inside Feli’s artisan tear ’n’ share loaf beetroot and ginger chutney £12.50 

Bracho’s Laurence’s seeded crisp bread bites, mild tomato salsa, mature cheddar, fresh chilli and parsley £4.50/£8 (V) 

Ciabatta bread creamy garlic butter, oil & apple balsamic vinegar £3.75 (V) 

Marinated olives in garlic, chilli and ginger £3.25 (GF) (V) 

* * *


Chef’s soup handmade roll £5 (V) 

Prawn cocktail avocado mousse topped with little gem lettuce, king prawns, Marie Rose sauce, paprika dust £7 (GF) 

Feli’s vegetable fritters sweet chilli and tamarind dips £6.50 (V) 

Smoked haddock and Worcestershire rarebit tomato and basil salad, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar £7.25 

Chicken liver parfait encased in truffle butter, caramelised red onions, ciabatta bread £7

* * * 

Pasta (Gluten free pasta is available on request) 

Tordelli di Mamma Teresa al ragout di carne Felice’s Mum recipe, pasta parcels filled with a meat and cheese forcemeat with a rich beef and red wine ragout £7.25 / £12.25 

Spaghettini alla carbonara crispy pancetta, egg yolk, parmesan, cream and cracked black pepper £6.75/ £10.75 

Scott Farms sweet potato gnocchi king prawns, ginger, garlic, chilli, spinach butter and white wine £7.25/£12.25 

Spaghetti Marinara tomato sauce, white wine, seafood, garlic and chilli £ 7.25/£12.25 (HC) (DF) 

Panzerotti ai quattro formaggi thin pancakes filled with a selection of four Italian cheeses, oven baked in cream and rich tomato sauce £6.75/£11.75 (V) 

Penne puttanesca rich tomato chilli sauce, olives and capers £6 £10 (V) (HC) (DF) 

* * *


Antipasto della Casa (ideal for 2 to share) Spianata Romana, Prosciutto, Nduja salame Calabrese, Coppa, Mortadella con Pistachio, pickled aubergines, artichokes, sun blush cherry tomatoes, marinated olives, provolone piccante & honey, Ciabatta £17 

* * *


La Carne, a duo of cider and honey braised belly of Pork & Chicken roulade, celeriac puree, own jus £14.50 (GF) 

Pollo “ feli ” chicken supreme filled with cream cheese & avocado, oven roasted with fresh herbs finished with a cream, white wine and garlic sauce £14 (GF) 

Bacon wrapped fillet of Beef mushroom, blue cheese, red wine jus, triple cooked fries £23.50 (GF) 

Fritto misto an Italian take on classic fish and chips; beer battered fillets of fish, calamari, prawns, triple cooked fries, dressed salad, garlic mayonnaise £15.75 (DF) 

Mushrooms and dolcelatte gateau Mustard seed pancake casing, creamed spinach £12 (V) 

all Mains served with Today’s fresh vegetables

* * * 

Grills and “Al Piatto” 

(all served with chips, Feli’s tempura vegetables or dressed salad) 

8 oz Fillet of beef £20.50 (GF) (DF) 

10 oz Rib Eye £18.50 (GF) (DF) 

10 oz Rump £14.00 (GF) (DF) 

add a sauce: peppercorn, blue cheese, port, tarragon £2 

Filetto al piatto (fillet of beef) £19.50 Pesce (fish) £16.95 This is a traditional dish from Pescia. Thin slices of meat or fish placed on an extremely hot plate, sizzling with extra virgin olive oil, scented with garlic, sage and rosemary. As this dish is cooked on the plate it does not allow for cooking preferences. (DF) (GF*) (HC) 

Sides £3.50 each 

Chips (GF) (V) (DF) Feli’s tempura courgettes & aubergines (V) (DF) 

Garlic scented vegetables (GF) (V) (HC) Celeriac puree (GF) (V) 

Dressed mixed salad (GF) (V) (HC) (DF) Rocket parmesan and red onion salad (GF) (V) (HC)