12166641_1684156708488690_786248084_nTake the Feli’s experience home with you now from our Delicatessen

Stocking a range of Felice and the team’s different creations, as well as Italian ingredients used in the kitchen, specially imported oils, vinegars and much more…


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Felice’s Kitchen is selection of products handmade by Felice and the chefs at Feli’s.



Product description Price Status
20151017_215732  FELICE’S KITCHEN Xmas Puddings Small  £2.95 Not in stock
20151017_215732  FELICE’S KITCHEN Xmas Puddings Medium  £6.75  In stock
20151017_215732  FELICE’S KITCHEN Xmas Puddings Large  £8.95 In stock
20151013_202926 FELICE’S KITCHEN Orange Marmalade £2.50    In stock
20151013_203807 FELICE’S KITCHEN Green Tomato Jam £2.50 In stock
20151013_203819 FELICE’S KITCHEN Beetroot and Ginger Chutney £2.50 In stock
20151013_203238 FELICE’S KITCHEN Blackcurrant and Brandy Jam £2.50 Not in stock
20151017_215908  FELICE’S KITCHEN Luxury Mince Small  £  Not in stock
 FELICE’S KITCHEN Luxury Mince Large  £  In stock
 FELICE’S KITCHEN Tagliatelle all’uovo’  £2.95 In stock
20151017_220410  FELICE’S KITCHEN Taglierini al Nero (Squid Ink pasta) £1.95   In stock
20151017_220225 PLANTATELLA Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil  £  In stock
20151017_220204 PLANTATELLA Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil £  In stock
PLANTATELLA Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil £  In stock
 LUCIA MARIA MELCHIORI Balsacrema (Apple balsamic cream) £  In stock
 LUCIA MARIA MELCHIORI Apple balsamic vinegar 5yrs £  In stock
LUCIA MARIA MELCHIORI Apple balsamic vinegar 2yrs £1.95   In stock
 Felice’s Small panforte  £9.00  In stock
 felice’s Large panforte  £12.00  In stock
20151017_220337 DIVELLA Spaghetti ristorante 500g £0.85  In stock
20151017_220624 DIVELLA Penne ziti rigate 500g £  In stock
20151017_220307  RONCIA Carnaroli risotto 1kg £  In stock
20151017_220505 LA DORIA Ceci 400g (Chickpeas) £  In stock
20151017_220539  DIVELLA Fagioli Borlotti lessati  £  In stock
20151017_220606  DIVELLA Fagioli Cannellini lessati £  In stock