sample menu

Dolci £5.95 (please note some extras apply)

Fusion mess Mango and lemon set cream, berry sorbet, crushed meringue

Felice’s Christmas pudding Morgan spiced sauce, vanilla ice cream

Sticky toffee pudding White chocolate and honeycomb ice cream (GF) (HC) (DF)

Dark chocolate terrine Caramelised oranges, salted caramel ice cream, chocolate twist straws

Trio of crème brulee Vanilla bean, Berry, pistachio, shortbread biscuits

Luxury Ice cream and sorbet 3 scoops –please ask for today’s flavours

Fusion taster Can’t make your mind up? enjoy chef’s selection of 5 miniature desserts, with ice cream £3.50 extra

Affogato Two scoops of ice cream drowned in hot espresso . Add your favorite shot from £1.95 extra

Italian cheese board Provolone, parmesan, dolcelatte cheese, honey, Felice’s beetroot and ginger chutney, crackers and bread £1.50 extra

‘Liquid desserts’ A new liquor line that’s just arrived from Italy, a dessert in a glass! Choose from tiramisu, caramel, coconut, chocolate mint or coffee 25ml £3.25 / 50ml £5.95


Caffe & dolcetti

ask for our range of coffees and teas from £3.25 or… why not try liquor coffee!?!?

French (brandy) Irish (whiskey) Jamaican (rum) Corretto (grappa) Sambuca or create your own