“The World’s First Unsinkable Biscuit”

by Felice Tocchini


……the story so far


I cannot believe all the media attention my biscuit got….. read some of the stories below. It seems like that I have solved a problem that has caused so much distress?!? so I have been told. It has been interesting to read all the blogs but one thing I certainly will not be labelled with is “scientist”, I just love creating unusual recipes, and the first dunker come out of the oven within 20 minutes and not years.  


So far the biscuits have been well received, and we have tested them here at the restaurant, Worcester Feast, and BBC Good Food show. Of course they are crisp if you try to eat them dry, but what do you expect they are ment to de dunked! Various times claims (before the biscuits brakes) have been made by the media ranging from 1.5 minutes to a staggering 6 minutes, in our own test the average time is about the 2 minutes mark.


Scenes from Dunkable BiscuitsA few companies have approached me to produce the Dunker, but I haven’t made my mind up. I am still working at it, perfectionising shapes, flavours and dunkability.  


We now have a range of flavours, including the wonderful Fairtrade Divine chocolate, as well as soothing Lavender which works immensely well in Tea; Ginger, Cinnamon, Vanilla, suitable for tea or coffee, and the more unusual Winter Spice, suitable for mulled wine, Cranberries not bad in a glass of bubbly and a Apple one fantastic in a pint of cider…. just think pint of cider and a couple of dunkers (instead than pork scratchings) this could be the latest trend!  


Next task is to produce a filling that can withstand the dunkability; thick chocolate topping is fine, but a little messy, so watch this space.






From: CBC Radio Show




Biscuit-dunking is a time-honoured tradition in the United Kingdom. And while connoisseurs have long debated which biscuit is best for dangling in your tea, no one has really tackled one gritty problem: how to avoid that lumpy residue left in the tea cup, after a cookie inevitably disintegrates. Well, it’s a problem that’s been bugging Felice Tocchini for years. And after several attempts, the pastry chef, believes he has created the world’s longest-lasting dunkable cookie. We reached Mr. Tocchini at his Fusion Brasserie in Worcester, England.


USA Today article on Felice Tocchini's Dunkable BiscuitsTo dunk or not to dunk – now that really is the question, as it involves weighing up the advantages of a yummier biscuit against turning your tea into crumb soup. Well, one enterprising chef says he has found the answer. Felice Tocchini has created a biscuit which he claims can survive up to a minute in a hot drink before disintegrating into a sodden


New Biscuit is unsinkable by the SUN newspaper.

TEA dunking disasters could soon be a thing of the past according to the creator of an “unsinkable” biscuit.


Chef Felice Tocchini says he has solved every tea-drinkers nightmare with a biscuit that can really hold its crumbs. The ‘Worcester Feast Dunker’ is held together with slithers of sweet potato and is said to last in a hot cuppa for up to two minutes, far longer than the average. The Dunker is made by layering flour and oat-based dough to build strength and has an egg-based glaze on top. Mr Tocchini, 44, who runs the Fusion Brasserie restaurant in Worcester, said: “The intention was to make something tasty that when you dunk it in your tea it won’t fall apart.




“We tried a lot of different mixtures trying to make sure the biscuit wouldn’t break up and die in the cup – it’s virtually unsinkable. “The trouble with ordinary biscuits is that they were never designed to be dunked a few seconds in hot tea or coffee and they simply disintegrate.


“There is nothing more off-putting than biscuit mush at the bottom of your mug. “The Worcester Feast Dunker is made for dunking, and can be submerged in tea or coffee for twice as long as ordinary biscuits before it breaks up.

“I’m very pleased with the result and they taste lovely. But I’m keeping the recipe quiet.” The biscuit will be unveiled at the three-day Worcester Feast food and drink festival, starting on Saturday.

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Biscuits are available for sale from our restaurant fusion brasserie or you can order and we will post them to you.


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