What I am up to....

At present I am creating sweet potatoes recipes for Scotts Farm, one of the largest growers and importers of sweet potatoes, check my recipes page for a video link which will help you create some mouthwatering quick dishes.

Most of the time you will find me at either of my restaurants but from time to time you will find me working elsewhere.


The Novelli Academy  , just outside Luton, one of the top 25 best cookery schools in the world owned by celebrity chef Jean Christophe Novelli.

My classes can vary from Italian to Patisserie and master-classes alongside Jean Christophe.


Closer to home you might find me teaching at one of the Eckington Manor cookery school classes.




If you would like Felice to design and cook a special menu in your own kitchen, please call Fiorinda on 01905 840647 or email felicetocchini@hotmail.com


If you are interested in booking Felice for cookery shows or TV please contact Fiorinda on 01905 840647 or his agent Lili Panagi at Panmedia  enquiries@panmediauk.co.uk or  t. 020 8446 9662


Recipe development, consultancy, cookery shows, cookery book writing, dinner parties and more….